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Outlaw Racing Series Handbook

Season 8

Race Day Info

- All Races will begin at 8pm EST on Wednesday Nights, any changes to this, you will be notified by the admins

-Race Day Schedule:

           Random Track Selected First, Then Random Series                                               

2% Connection Race ( For 1st Race )                

3-7% Single Car Qualifying  ( For 1st Race )                            

25% Race (Random wear)          

For All Series':

- All races will feature stages and In-Game cautions. 

- Qualifying percentages will be altered if length of track dictates need for longer sessions. 

- There is absolutely no pitting allowed during the qualifying sessions. Doing so will result in starting at the rear of the field and voiding of your timed lap. 

- Qualifying is single car runs

- Upon your first crossing of the start/finish line you begin your warm up lap

- You get a Warm up lap, Green flag lap, White flag lap, Checkers for a total of 3 full laps

- Upon completion you are to pull onto the backstretch to await the rest of qualifying. 

- Multiple cars will be on track at once, spaced out to avoid any draft laps. 

- It is the duty of the driver ahead to give right of way, if the driver from behind catches them. 

Failure to yield could result in the ahead drivers lap time becoming void. 

Race Rules

 - If unable to start the race after qualifying, we will use the first lap as a manual caution to set the lineup, the restart will follow normal restart protocols.                                                                            



- For Season 7 on, we will begin using the in-game cautions ( Normal not Strict ) 

- Due to a change in caution procedure to remind drivers that black flags are now active, so entering pit road will now require adhering to pit speed limits. 

                                                                                   On track 

- It is asked that drivers call when pitting when around other vehicles as to give warning to those around them, half a laps notice will be sufficient.

- When exiting pit road, do not re-enter the racing surface until on the back straight ( Will vary by track, will be informed by admins if that case arises) Failure to heed this will result in a pass thru penalty. 

- If lag or any net code issues can be determined to be grossly interfering with other drivers races then you may be asked by the admins to either drop to the back of the field or to a safe position on the race track until the situation improves. 

- If you lag/drop out for any reason you will be given a DNF and the finishing position in order of departure. We will not back out for dropped drivers after the race has begun. This applies to everyone. 

- If you have any issues with anyone on track, we ask that you take it up with the admins post-race, or that driver personally. Any reactionary/aggressive/ or intentional wrecking of other drivers on track will result in disciplinary actions from the admins. We are all adults here, and are expected to act as such. 

                                                                                   Points System

                                                                                         1st   35

                                                                                       2nd   30

                                                                                        3rd   27

                                                                                        4th   24

                                                                                        5th   21

                                                                                        6th   19

                                                                                        7th   17

                                                                                        8th   15

                                                                                        9th   13

                                                                                       10th   11

                                                                                        11th   10

                                                                                       12th    9

                                                                                       13th    8

                                                                                       14th    7

                                                                                       15th    6

                                                                                       16th    5  

                                                                                       17th    4

                                                                                       18th    3

                                                                                       19th    2

                                                                                       20th   1




                                                                                     Bonus Points                                                                                                                                                                   Pole - +1

                                                                                      Fastest Lap - +1


                                                                                     Stage Points

                                                                                        1st - 5pts                                                                           

                                                                                      2nd - 4pts 

                                                                                       3rd - 3pts 

                                                                                       4th - 2pts 

                                                                                       5th - 1pt 




- If you are on the series roster as a full time driver, for every missed race you will automatically be granted a provisional.

- Drivers who receive provisionals will have finishing positions granted to them in accordance to their points position for up to 4 races

- After a roster has been filled for a series, a secondary roster will be used to compile fill in drivers for the main roster to utilize if they will miss a race. 

- You may choose which fill in driver you want, if you request a fill in driver before a scheduled race time.

- Fill in drivers may also be randomly selected to drive for any driver who does not show up for a given race, to fill out the field.

- Fill in drivers will not count towards your provisional count as it had in seasons past. 

Playoff Format

Starting with Season 7 will see an implementation of a new playoff format at the end of the season. 

Playoff Qualification

To qualify for the playoffs, you will need to be in the top 1/3 in the points standings of scored drivers

Example: If by seasons end there are 18 total scored drivers ( drivers with points ) then the playoffs will feature the top 6 drivers in the points standings. 

Playoff Information

Qualified drivers will have all points set to an even 500 points before playoff points are added in. 


Playoff points will accumulate as follows:

 Stage wins:   +1

   Race Wins:   +3

Regular Season Champion: +6

The points system will remain the same through the playoffs.

The Playoff races will be the final 3 races of the season. 

Champion will be crowned as whomever has the most points accumulated after those 3 races. 


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