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June 5th 2018

Outlaw Racing News

ORS Season Puts Best Foot Forward

Atlanta, GA - 67 Laps into the season produced some fantastic racing from start to finish. With the inaugural ORS season underway, if this race was an indication of things to come the outlook is promising. 

The first stage featured a flurry of passing and plenty of two wide action 

throughout the field. Starting from the 4th position, Aaron Dukes was able to quickly climb atop the field and maintain that lead to capture his first Stage win of the season. 

The racing got more dicey in stage 2 with 2 of the races 5 cautions coming out. With pit stops shuffling the order, and contact early in the stage knocking Dukes from the top 5, Dylan Morando was able to claim the top spot and lead a majority of Stage 2 en route to his first Stage victory of the season. 

The mid-point of stage 3 saw the final 3 cautions of the race before the final restart took place giving a 15 lap shootout to sort out the victor. With 11 laps to go Dukes, with a little help, got into the turns 1 & 2 wall shuffling him back to 8th with 11 laps remaining. Morando continued to lead the event, but the battle amongst the top 5 was intensifying. At 7 to go, contact between the 18 & 98 sent Skyylor Karnes out of the   top 5, albeit salvaging a 6th place finish. Dukes had set himself among the front group with 5 to go overcoming a 1.5 second deficit, and quickly maneuvered himself into the number 2 spot. Not to be outdone Bradley Stratton followed the 76 through, passing him back on the inside of turns 1 & 2 with 3 to go. However into turn 3, Stratton slid high allowing Dukes and Michael Blair to run the inside, going 3 wide coming to 2 laps remaining. Slight contact out of 4 between Stratton and Dukes, put the 76 into the 52, sending Blair through the infield grass. In a great feat of driving ability he kept himself straight falling only to 5th. In all the commotion off of 4, richard McGinnis and JJ Spires got into each other, sending Spires through the infield as well, unluckily dropping him to 8th, where he would finish. The battle for the lead, however, had not cooled off as Dukes was still on the back bumper of Morando. Using a run off the outside of 2, the 76 pulled alongside the 24 of Morando, where to two ran side by side until Dukes was able to keep his momentum coming off of turn two for the final time. This hurting Morandos' speed out of the corner allowed the 66 of Michael Scimia and the 52 of Blair to fight back in turns 3 & 4. In the end Dukes pulled off the improbable comeback earning the win in ORS's inaugural race. With Scimia, Blair, Morando, and Stratton rounding out the Top 5. Dylan Morando and Aaron Dukes combined for the most laps lead in the event with 21. 

After a memorable first race of the season, its any wonder what the rest of the season might behold. 


June 11th, 2018

Outlaw Racing News

ORS Expands its Reach with New Opputunites

Greenville, SC -  One of the minds behind the madness, Jennifer Goode, has begun the outreaching and has done what no one expected. Securing sponsorship with several high profile racing teams. I would like to take this opportunity to present the 3 sponsors who have chosen to help us out and provide us merchandise for our drivers, and other amenities as well, including but not limited to race tickets, ect. With out further adieu I present Richard Childress Racing, Roush Fenway Racing, and JR Motorsports! A huge thanks to the teams and representatives for their support. As well as credit to the person who put out those feelers and established those lines of communication, Jennifer Goode!


June 12th, 2018

Outlaw Racing News

Aaron Dukes Hot Out of the Gate

Sparta, KY - A sight that many are starting to sour on, once again the 76 truck of Aaron Dukes had the truck to beat most of the night. Going on to win back to back races to begin the season. 

Kentucky presented a different challenge to the drivers of ORS with turns 3 & 4 demanding consistency and finesse. Dan

Williamson started off the evening sitting pretty on the Pole leading the first few laps, until Aaron Dukes quickly made his way from 4th to take the lead on lap 5, passing Pacey Wigent out of turn 4. The first caution of the night allowed for adjustments to be made rather early, and pace just picked up from there. Alas, Dukes pulled away for the final 7 laps to secure his 2nd stage win of the season. 

Start of stage 2 saw Aaron Proehl snake the lead away with smart pit strategy electing for 2 tires under the stage break. Embarking Dukes, Proehl, and Williamson on an intense 3 way battle for lead before Dukes was finally able to utilize the outside lane, and snatch the lead away again out of turn 4. As the battle ensued behind him, Richard McGinnis emerged as a strong second truck, quickly making his way to second. Never able to quite challenge for the lead, Dukes cruised on for his 3rd Stage win of the year, establishing himself as the truck to beat. 

With only 1 caution in the final stage essentially spliting the 3rd stage in half, Aaron Dukes and Richard McGinnis seemed to be the class of the field. The first half of the stage the 2 were able to stretch a sizable cushion between themselves and the field until the 3rd and final caution came out leaving an 18 lap dash to the checkered. From the drop of the green, the Top 2 took off from the pack, creating a half second difference to 3rd and 4th from the onset. However just laps later, Michael Blair found his groove, and easily snatched 2nd from McGinnis only 6 tenths off the lead. Trying to establish himself as the 3rd horseman in the closing laps, it just wasn't enough as Dukes showed his strength late and marched out to a 3 and a half second lead to comfortably take his second win of the season. McGinnis was able to power back past Blair to pick up 2nd. The ever consistent Daniel Williamson came home 4th, scoring in the points in each stage. Pacey Wigent rounded out the Top 5, showing speed after a disappointing incident knocked him to an 11th place finish last week. Dukes dominated the event leading a race high 52 laps, including the final 33. 

Kentucky shook up the points standing drawing a handful of drivers into several ties. Dylan Morando and Richard McGinnis tie for second, and Spires, Scimia, and Stratton share 5th. Dover comes in at race number 3, as this promising season of ORS racing continues.


June 18th, 2018

Outlaw Racing News

Outlaw Racing Broadens its' Borders Ahead of NASCAR Heat 3

Greenville, SC -  Outlaw Racing is proud to present to announcement of its 2nd series, the Outlaw Racing Xfinity Series. Already looking to expand its roster of drivers, and introduce new faces into the ORS roster. While several drivers will be pulling double duty between the series, we are glad to introduce Charles Gilbert, Kenneth Borrell and Jeff Spires into the league. With a few more drivers yet to commit we may be looking at quite the field of drivers with 3 days before the first race. The season will consist of 15 events over the course of the next 15 weeks. The finales' of both series ending the last week of September. The Xfinity series will be ran at 50% length and the addition of stages and our own manual cautions. To help encourage strategy and tactics, wear and usage has been set at 3x. With the Truck series being the leagues premier series for ORS' first year, the admins hope the Xfinity series can be a stepping stone to additional growth, and exposure for the incoming new faces. Getting off to fast start, ORS looks to be running into the next game with not just a thirst for expansion, but a core group of determined drivers. 


June 18th, 2018

Outlaw Racing News

ORS and Joe Gibbs Racing Look to Partner for Upcoming NASCAR Heat 3

Greenville, SC -  Continuing its growth beyond just their roster, ORS now has a new reason to look forward to NASCAR Heat 3. Recent talks between Jennifer Goode and Joe Gibbs Racing may have developed into Outlaw Racing picking up its 4th sponsor. Details will be revealed as we grow closer to not just the Heat 3 announcement, but to the release of the game itself. Outlaw Racing administration considers it a honor to possibly add yet another respected name in the racing community, to go along with the already appreciated stable of sponsors who have elected to support our growth and respect for racing. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Joe Gibbs Racing as we remain steadfast toward a bright future of racing. 


June 19th, 2018

Outlaw Racing News

Wigent Edges Dukes to Score First Win in Wild Final Laps

Dover, DE - One hundred laps of the Monster Mile culminated into the winner being decided in its final corner. When it was all said and done, it was a new face gracing victory lane at Dover, as Pacey Wigent took home his first win of the season in dramatic fashion. 

The concrete monster that is Dover 

fabricated its' fair share of drama on this day. From a wrench being tossed into the cog of pit strategy, to producing the best finish of this young season. The day started off on the right foot for Pacey Wigent, setting the Pole time. However, the ever determined Aaron Dukes started to his outside off the start of the event. Wigent led the first lap by a nose as the pair would remain side by side for several laps until Dukes finally completed the pass 3 laps in. Richard McGinnis, who had shown speed all week in practice, caught the apron whilst running 3rd relegating him to back of the field. Without any other contenders, Wigent and Dukes cushioned themselves from the field by little over a second. With 8 laps left in the stage Wigent was able to get a run on Dukes, inducing a 2 lap battle until Wigent pulled ahead with 6 to go. Keeping Dukes at bay, Wigent held on to secure his first Stage win of the year. 

Chaos would ensue off the Stage 2 restart. Skyylor Karnes would elect not to pit, pushing Wigent to start on the outside lane. Taking advantage of the situation. Dukes, restarting 3rd, would be able to pull his 76 truck underneath of Karnes off of turn 2 and launch himself into the lead. The ensuing back up of traffic behind him would result in the races first caution, only 3 laps into the 2nd stage. In a familiar sight, Dukes was able to get himself a buffer off the restart, holding Wigent and now contender Dylan Morando, to little under a second difference on the track. Dukes would cruise in Stage 2, capturing his 4th stage win this season. 

The beginning of Stage 3 didn't hold much in the excitement department. Yet did produce an unfortunate moment for Pacey Wigent. While battling Morando for 2nd, he caught just enough of the turn 2 apron to get himself out of control slipping as far back as 9th only just a few laps into the stage. With laps ticking off, Dukes and Morando, ran nose to tail through a majority of the first half of the stage before rounds of green flag pit stops commenced. Then came the proverbial wrench. With Dukes just exiting pit road, and Morando coming through turn 1 to cycle ahead of the 76. The caution flag waved at lap 78. In a twist of fate, Pacey Wigent had just gotten onto pit road as the caution flag flew. Handing the lead over to Michael Scimia who had yet to pit. With the field halfway through the pit cycle, the field was spilt. Wigent would inherit the lead after his team got him out before going one lap down. Morando would be awarded the lucky dog, while Dukes would take the wave around to get himself back on the lead lap. Wigent looked to be in prime position, with Morando and Dukes now 4th and 5th respectively. Scimia would restart 2nd, with Aaron Proehl also catching his bit of luck, would restart 3rd. Leaving all but 6 trucks off the lead lap. The final caution behind them, it would be a 19 lap shootout to decide the winner. Taking all of 4 laps Wigent, Morando, and Dukes found themselves bumper to bumper, pulling away from the field. With 10 laps to go, trouble struck. Morando got his nose a tad too much off the concrete. As Morando tried to bring his truck back under control, his 24 Chevy careened into the outside wall off of turn 2, effectively removing him from contention. He would fall back to 6th where Morando would finish. Back to the action at the front, as the race came down to 8 laps to go, Dukes was able to get underneath the 8 of Wigent. The two would battle until Dukes was finally able to clear Wigent out of turn 2 coming to 6 to go. The duo would not remain single file for long. As Wigent would pay back that favor with 4 laps remaining. From this point on, the two would not leave each others side. For the final 4 laps it was door to door all the way around the 1 mile speedway. Literally becoming door to door as they came to turn 4 for the final time. It was Dukes to be undone as they approached the checkered. Pacey Wigent, by 8 one hundredths of a second, nosed out the Ferrari red 76 Toyota en route to score his first win of year. Leapfrogging himself into the top 3 in points, and establishing himself as a legitimate championship contender and we forge forward into the remainder of the season. Dukes with another strong performance increased his championship lead by 7 points to a total of 28 over Dylan Morando. Skyylor Karnes after early trouble, fought his way back for a solid 3rd place finish, as Proehl and Scimia rounded out the events Top 5. Dukes led a race high 65 laps. Wigent picked up 5 spots in the championship order, moving into 3rd while Karnes with his finish moved up 3 spots to 7th in the point standings. Engine trouble out the 4 team of Bradley Stratton marks his 2nd week in a row with mechanical troubles, falling 4 spots to 9th, but with Pocono around the corner, everyone will be looking to prove something at the tri-cornered course.  


June 21th, 2018

Outlaw Racing News

Pit Strategy Reigns Supreme as JJ Spires Knabs Season Opener 

Las Vegas, NV - Take Tuesdays excitement, tinker with it, and ratchet it up. Tonights' strategy filled conclusion shook up the results and proved speed doesn't always reveal the winner. JJ Spires walked out of Las Vegas hitting the jackpot as his pit call came up aces. Finishing the night popping the champagne in victory lane. 

The ORS Xfinity League presented by JR Motorsports started off the night with a wild qualifying session, with one of the leagues newest faces rattling off the quickest lap. With Ryan Heckathorn leading the field to the green our Xfinity season was under way. The lead changed hands several times in the first stage between Heckathorn, Skyylor Karnes, and Aaron Dukes. Eventually Heckathorn, Karnes and Richard McGinnis began to separate themselves before green flag pit stops started. Dukes fell off from the lead pack, with JJ Spires and Jeff Spires inheriting the lead. Laps winding down, fuel conservation came to the fore front. Dukes, Spires, and Michael Scimia battled for the lead, while trying to play fuel mileage. A true fight to see who could go the fastest the slowest. Eventually Aaron Dukes, using some conservation wizardry found a way to save enough to coast across the line and snag Stage 1 in the opening race. 

Stage 2 saw Dukes experience fuel intake issues from his previous gamble, costing him 7 laps while his team worked to correct the problem. Albeit, Richard McGinnis became the star of the show in this stage. Pacey Wigent lead the first handful of laps as 2 and 3 wide racing ensued behind him. Yet it was McGinnis charging his way through the field, and stealing the lead 9 laps into the stage. Where he would not relinquish it back. McGinnis cruised to his first stage win of the year, setting up for a fantastic final stage. 

McGinnis would show to be the class of the field through the first half of the last stage. Stretching out to an early lead as green flag pit stops commenced yet again, as the races second caution came out. Shuffling the field a bit, and giving the lead to the two tire stop of Jennifer Goode. However the gamble would not hit pay dirt, as she quickly would drop from the Top 5. McGinnis would again hold true at the front, until Pacey Wigent and the forgot about Aaron Dukes would cut through the field allowing Wigent and McGinnis to battle for the lead. McGinnis would begin falling off as Wigent snatched the lead away.  McGinnis would began on his teams fuel strategy, dropping pace and setting the cruise control. Green flag stops would be intermittent through much of the late running with all teams trying numerous game plans to set themselves up to vie for the win. During this period, Wigent would experience power loss in his Chevy as he came aimed for pit road, costing him precious track position. After all the chaos, it would be JJ Spires acquiring the lead using a splash and go technique, to set himself apart and hang on to secure the season opening victory. Newcomer Ryan Heckathorn would hold on for the runner up spot. Pacey Wigent would salvage a third place finish as Bradley Stratton and Michael Scimia would round out the Top 5. McGinnis' night would end poorly after such a promising run as his fuel strategy fell short, relegating him to a 6th place finish. McGinnis led a race high 44 laps. Dukes ended the race with the fastest lap, earning his laps back the old fashioned way twice fighting from 7 laps down to just 2. Next week the crew travels to the three quarter mile Richmond International to engage in a classic short track bout. 


June 26th, 2018

Outlaw Racing News

Wigent Out Duels Dukes Again to Capture Back to Back Wins

Pocono, PA - The pole position is proving to be the key indicator of Pacey Wigent performances. For the second week in a row Wigent and Aaron Dukes take the front row from start to finish. In an ending where fuel strategy played the leading role, worn patience and ragged tires allowed Wigent to cruise to his second victory of the season, pulling away from Dukes and Dylan Morando in the closing laps. 

Picking up directly from Dover, Wigent and Dukes took the front row in qualifying. Both drivers showcasing their intentions for a championship battle even with a long season ahead of them. Still as the race began, the two traded the lead multiple times throughout stage 1. As laps began winding down in the stage, Richard McGinnis stayed locked on the lead two, whilst engaging in a 3 car battle for the stage win. In the final lap, all three remained under a blanket as the top spot just kept switching hands. Finally, through turn 3 as Wigent and Dukes were side by side, slight contact propelled the 76 into the outside wall. Through Dukes' misfortune, McGinnis pounced, using a run out of turn 3, shooting to the outside of Wigent. Door to door all the way to the line, McGinnis egded Wigent by inches, to pull out his first stage win of the year. 

The beginning of Stage 2 provided instant excitement as multiple trucks decided not to pit during the stage caution. With the culmination of fresher tires and blood in the water, the swarm of trucks behind Brandon Phillips and Bradley Stratton fanned out nearly going 4 wide into turn 1. Contact from behind sent the 76 truck of Dukes onto the apron, causing him to go into a slide he was somehow to bring back under control and shuffling the Toyota back into 10th. As the field settled out, it was McGinnis inheriting the lead. Further contact mid way through the stage sent Wigent from the top 3 as him and another truck got together. In the end it was McGinnis showing his muscle, attaining a consecutive stage win as Dukes fought from 10th to finish the stage in 2nd. 

The final stage started off immediately with trouble, with an accident in turn 1 bringing out the races' first caution on Lap 35. Dukes was able to hang on the outside of McGinnis all through the lap leading to the caution to steal the lead away early in the stage. The ensuing restart jumbled the field as the top 5 didn't pit, and some front runners having to trudge through the mid pack. All these factors resulted in the races' final caution waving on lap 42. Differing pit strategies under caution prevailed as McGinnis picked up 6 spots to 3rd, and Dukes having come in 1st was set to restart 5th. Michael Scimia had a miscommunication with his team, and elected to pit from the lead as the field prepared for the restart. Moving the inside lane up, and leaving Jennifer Goode who had also decided not to pit restarting 2nd, in a state of confusion and the restart commenced. Goode realizing too late what was occuring, had a slow restart, allowing the inside line to take off. McGinnis and Dukes quickly got out ahead. Albeit as the race continued, Wigent and the quiet Dylan Morando eventually came altogether as the 4 truck pack easily paced the field. With one more pit stop on the docket, McGinnis was the first to pit with 11 laps to go. Trouble almost found the leaders as contact between the trucks of Jennifer Goode and Skyylor Karnes off turn 3 nearly culminated into a 4 car incident. Just a few laps later, as Wigent and Dukes battled for the lead, contact out of turn 3 sent the 8 into the wall. Morando making a last second decision rocketed toward pit road looking to take advantage of the 2 leaders fighting it out. Finally with 4 to go, Wigent and Dukes made their rounds. Issues with the fuel intake on the 76 truck allowed for the 8 of Wigent to gather a full second lead as Dukes circulated behind Morando after pit cycles had concluded. Wigent stayed consistent, and Dukes and Morando took turns repainting the outside wall, and set the cruise control to pick up back to back wins. Dukes was able to get back around the 24 of Morando in the final turn to once again finish in 2nd. McGinnis was able to salvage 4th even while on the final lap felt the pressure from Brandon Phillips on the newer tires, who ended up 5th. For the 4th race in a row, Dukes led the most laps with 20, only just a couple ahead of Wigent and McGinnis, the three who dominated the race. Dukes maintained his points lead only dropping one point to the now 2nd place driver, Wigent, 27 points back. Morando and McGinnis sit tied 32 points back, as Scimia maintains the 5th spot in points, 59 points out of the lead. Next week the crew gets dirty, as the league sets their sights on Eldora


June 28th, 2018

Outlaw Racing News

Dukes Rocks Richmond with Late Race Robbery

Richmond, VA - Last week was a disastrous one for the 24 Toyota team and Aaron Dukes, having mechanical issues drop him to a last place finish. This week however was a gigantic turning of the page. From worst to first, Dukes rebounded from week ones' horrendous performance to top the charts in week 2, and pull off his first win of the young Xfinity season. 

Pacey Wigent captured his first pole of the year in a qualifying session that saw a well blended field, with much of the top 10 only separated by a few tenths. Short track racing at Richmond didn't take long to culminate as the races' first caution was brought out, only 5 laps into the event. From then on with adjustments input, the pace was ratcheted up. Pacey Wigent from the pole, held onto the lead for a majority of the stage. Maintaining a roughly one second lead over the 2nd place Aaron Dukes who had to overcome a dismal qualifying session. As the stage wore on, it was Wigents' tires who gave first as Dukes methodically closed the gap, eventually making the pass out of turn 2 with 6 laps to go. Dukes would go on to sail to his second stage victory of the season. 

The action was much milder in the second stage. Caution free from wire to wire, no one ever gave a substantial challenge to the 24 car through much of the stage. Dukes would end up extending his lead to just under 4 seconds over Wigent and Richard McGinnis, who battled back from early mishaps.Dukes would go on to claim his 3rd stage victory of the year. 

As we strode into the last half of the race, pit strategy from the 1 team, put McGinnis in the lead to start the stage. However on the older tires he was unable to hold off the faster cars of Wigent and Dukes. Taking advantage of Dukes starting on the outside lane and using McGinnis as the proverbial pick, Wigent was able to reclaim the lead, as he and Dukes began pulling away from the pack. Lap 85 saw the races' second caution. Being only a handful of laps since the stage beginning Dylan Morando elected to stay out and claim the lead. Using his new found speed, Morando was able to stave off multiple pass attempts from Dukes. Alas, after several laps Dukes was finally able to complete the pass, as the races' third caution waved. After the restart it was a 3 car race with everyone carrying enough fuel to make it until the end. Dukes, Wigent, and Morando stood out as the class of the field. Taking only a couple laps, Wigent was able run down the 24, eventually passing him to propel himself into the top spot. Running only a few tenths behind, Morando saw his opportunity slipping away as he clung to the rear bumper of Dukes. A few laps of close pursuing, Morando moved the 24 up the track in turn 3. Further contact into turn 1 sent the 24 wide of the corner, moving the 7 car into the runner up position. Unfortunately for Wigent his one second advantage over Morando would not hold. Coming into turn 3 with 10 laps to go, the 11 car of Larry Stevens  snagged the apron spinning in front of the race leader. The incident would collect the 9 of Wigent as well as the 24 of Dukes, and several others as the final caution of the race served up what was bound to be a classic short track finish. Dukes, although collected in the incident, was able to somehow hold onto 2nd. Last weeks winner J.J Spires was able to avoid most of the carnage as he now sat poised in the third position. Once again pit strategy would play a leading role in the nights finish as the entire field would come down pit road. With most of the teams selecting a 2 tire stop, Dukes assumed the lead, as Morando would take 4 tires and fall towards the rear. In a grim twist of fate, transmission trouble struck the 7 team under caution ending Morandos' night prematurely. With one of the 3 best cars knocked out of the event, Dukes looked poised to claim triumph at Richmond as Wigent would restart from 4th. A perfect restart from the 24 car thrusted him into a half second lead off the jump. Not to be left behind, Wigent left everything out on the track. He pushed McGinnis and Heckathorn three wide as the field came to 5 to go, and would clear the other 2 drivers with ease out of turn 2. Nonetheless, the near second lead Dukes had amassed would prove too much to overcome. Dukes would cruise into his first win of the season, sweeping the event, and negating his disappointing start to the year. Wigent went on to claim second place easily, with McGinnis, Heckathorn, and Bradley Stratton rounding out the Top 5. With Wigent, leading a race high 57 laps, having a fantastic night, established himself as the new points leader. Rebounding tremendously from week 1, Dukes moved from 8th to 2nd in points, only 2 back of Wigent. Consistency has held McGinnis in 3rd, 10 points removed from the top spot, and JJ Spires only falling to 4th after his win last week, 12 points out. Next week the crew heads off to the Irish Hills and the Michigan International Speedway in Week 3 of Outlaw Racing Series Xfinity Season presented by JR Motorsports. 

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